We are human. You know what it’s like. We have to make countless decisions, small and large every day. Many of these choices are unconscious, or we make them without thinking too hard. Others we pour over and are entirely rational. Small or large, these choices have an impact on our lives and those around us.                                            

Our lives would be exhausting if we considered every single option and weighed every risk. That’s why we usually take shortcuts and apply rules of thumb to make snap decisions. What if we could anticipate choices and help people make the best decisions to impact their lives, and create social well-being?

At Changeable, we are in the business of understanding how and why people behave in certain situations and using this incredible power for good.

By leveraging the power of empathy and behavioral science, we transform insights into a strategy to drive impact and improve lives; revealing the complexity of behavior and imagining new ways to nudge humans towards healthier, more clever choices for a better world.

We do this by helping our clients better observe, listen to, and understand the communities and people that they serve, co-creating new ways of addressing them or simply helping to scale up a solution they’ve already found. Using practical insights, we aim to meet the reality and needs of each unique context. Our job often means identifying and building upon what has been proven, or seeking solutions among communities who sometimes have already found their own way forward and yet, they’ve never been asked, “How did you do that?”

It may be hard to believe, but despite the many pressing global challenges that we face today —from climate change, access to clean water, food security, disease management, income inequality, and more— the world is actually a better, safer, healthier place now than it was for our ancestors. We believe that while there is much work to be done, many pressing issues are in fact already changing or are changeable.

This belief, an optimistic spirit, and a lofty objective of harnessing the energy created through change to enable people to make decisions that improve their well-being were our drivers to found Changeable.

At Changeable we celebrate the human spirit and strive to create purposeful change based on understanding and cherishing our individuality and freedom to choose. And we work hard in support of those behind the boldest global social movements of our time because we believe that “only the do-gooder with a good strategy can do any good.”