Our team

Donna Sherard

Founder, Chief Changer

One of Donna’s favorite quotes is from Octavia Butler, “all that you touch, you change, all that you change, changes you, the only lasting truth is change.  As Chief Changer at Changeable, Donna’s passion for listening to and understanding people as a catalyst for change is one of the driving forces behind Changeable’s mission and values. Donna has more than 20 years of global health and behavior change experience and has led the design and implementation of insight-driven social behavior change and marketing programs in sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, and Central America. After years working in the private sector, Donna decided she wanted to always do the work she was sneaking off to do in her spare time as a volunteer at an AIDS services organization in Washington, DC.  She dropped the comfort of the private sector, and followed her public sector passion to build a career in global health.  Before founding Changeable, Donna served as Deputy Director of HIV and TB at Population Services International. Prior to that, Donna spent years in east Africa as Deputy Regional Representative for Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication programs in Uganda, and as Regional Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Advocacy Manager for Family Care International in Kenya and Tanzania. When she’s not working on a behavior change project, you can usually find her sitting in the middle of any place that serves up cheap, tasty street food and live music. When charged with choosing a tune for karaoke, you’ll find her singing her heart out to “No One” by Alicia Keys.

Michelle Graham

Operations Director

Michelle has nearly 30 years of experience in government contracting, strategic communications, marketing, and managing large multifaceted behavior change communication campaigns. She’s passionate about crafting messaging that helps people live their fullest lives and achieve optimal physical and mental health. She recognizes that mental health is often left out of the conversation and works to highlight mental health’s role in all health outcomes.   Michelle’s skilled at motivating others to rally around an effort, driving an initiative forward, collaborating with others, and mentoring. In her spare time, you can find her reading, spending time outdoors, bingeing Netflix shows, and singing or dancing. The smell of salt water brings her immense joy. 

Zoe Mungai-Barris

Social and Behavior Change Program Manager

A favorite quote of Zoe’s is, “your silence will not protect you” (Audre Lorde). For her, it is an important reminder to honestly express oneself and speak on injustice.  Zoe is a recent graduate of the University of Florida with a double major in Economics and International Studies and joins the Changeable team as Social Behavior Change Project Coordinator. Zoe is passionate about the small healthy choices we make daily towards a healthier self and healthier world. If you open Zoe’s pantry, you will find raisins (which she refers to as ‘nature’s skittles’), Gatorade, and purple potatoes. In her free time, you can find Zoe talking through movies others are trying to watch, solo-travelling, reading, and yelling at her sewing machine amidst making beautiful African clothes.

Leigh Ann Evanson 

Senior Program Consultant

A favorite quote of Leigh Ann’s is, “justice is what love looks like in public” (Cornell West). She believes that anger towards social injustice often reflects a deep caring for one another and is an assertion of love. Leigh Ann is a senior international public health professional who has program design and community mobilization experience, technical skills, and business development acumen. She is passionate about having fun and working towards a world that is more just, kind, and joyful. Leigh Ann is especially adept at distilling the ‘so what’ in programming—simplifying the complex, identifying the problem that needs solving, and determining a clear path forward.   In her free time, you can find her teaching adults how to ride bikes, spoiling her cats, cycling nature trails, or purchasing funky jams wherever she travels. She is a former competitive Karaoke-er and has been known to purchase and gift Mountain Dew flavored jam.

Louise Miller

Social and Behavior Change Instructional Designer

“Do not impose on others what you do not wish for yourself” (Confucius).  Long before it became a buzzword, Louise has been passionate about empathy.  Inspired by this famous quote, she believes its vital to involve those whose lives will be impacted in behavior change program design and implementation. As Changeable’s instructional design consultant, Louise has 18 years’ experience in program planning, design, development, evaluation, and management. Some of her past clients include the American Red Cross, Population Services International and the American Psychological Association. Louise is passionate about learning, researching, filmmaking, and connecting individuals through her instructional content and programs.  In her free time, you can find her watching documentaries and movies, kayaking on the Maryland coast, or working on her very own documentary about a boarding school offering empowering educational opportunities to fatherless girls. If you open her fridge, you are likely to find an eccentric array of spicy plum chutney, Key West limes, and yogurt.

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